Sunday, July 4, 2010

The best is yet to come???

  • I've been thinking hard lately about the direction of this blog. Seems like focusing on business idea contents will not going to take us far as each ideas need to be executed in order to become functional and of course profitable. so I've decided that not only allowed ideas but steps by steps guide in order to execute them. i'll post all related link and useful site for eager entrepreneurs souls out there to learn about starting a business. I'm not an expert nor a living multi-billion testimony of an already successful company but just an astute observer an a dreamer that don't want to settle for less than what he wanted. May we all learn and relearn together.

  • Since i'm also a student in medical field, so this blog will also host for THE COLLECTION OF MEDICAL FIELD related power point presentation that i find it useful for me and hopefully for all medical student out there.

  • Happy blogging

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